Education X has extensive experience in the creation and running of on-site alternative provision for those students at high risk of permanent exclusion. The aim of any Education X provision is to deliver a powerful and encouraging intervention along with follow up support that gives the student the best chance to succeed and avoid permanent exclusion. The following is an example framework of one of the provisions that Education X has created to fulfil this function.

The Turnaround Centre is an intensive intervention aimed specifically at providing students who are at high risk of permanent exclusion with the necessary skills and support required to overcome their perceived barriers to learning and reintegrate successfully back into normal school routine.

This weeklong intervention combines one to one mentoring with a personal development programme in order to help the learner become goal focussed and unlock their true potential. As well as catering for the student’s social and emotional needs, the programme also helps to identify and address specific areas of academic weakness and uncertainty that often lay behind some of the negative emotions and behaviours. This approach provides the strategies and tools that are required for the student to persist with their education whilst still maintaining an appreciation for the seriousness of their situation. A comprehensive assessment is used to identify each student’s individual needs enabling a tailored programme to be delivered for maximum impact.

Personal Development Programme

This is an engaging, high impact programme designed to help the learner increase self-awareness/esteem, and gain perspective and control over their thoughts feelings, actions and decisions. The content of the programme can be tailored to suit the development needs of each individual student.

Social Development Exercises

These activities are specifically designed to highlight and emphasise the appropriate behaviour and respectful conduct necessary to succeed in an educational establishment and everyday life. During these activities students are targeted and measured only on their ability to manage behaviour and communication with others, increasing awareness and self-control.

Post Intervention Support

After the intervention the learners are still required to check in daily with their report card so that the success of their reintegration can be monitored and supported.

One to One Intervention

This gives the learner the opportunity to receive one to one support. This support may come in the form of counselling, assertive mentoring or anger management depending on the issues and requirements of the student. Here the learner can work through issues in a safe non-judgemental environment, identify and remove barriers to learning or learn coping strategies designed to help them achieve a successful reintegration.

How from Now

This structured personalised project allows the student visualise their long term goal and plan the steps that will lead to their success. This is a highly motivational process that enables the learner to see exactly ‘how’ they can achieve their goals by breaking their journey down into manageable and achievable steps. The learner will discover for themselves the relevance and significance of their education providing them with a powerful reason to reach their potential.

Struggle to Strength

The initial assessment will highlight specific areas of any subject where the student may lack confidence or clarity which can lead to work avoidance and negative behaviours. The Turnaround focusses on these challenges and uses creative framing techniques and learning strategies to enable the student to develop a new understanding and approach the subject with renewed confidence upon their return to school.

Parent Participation 

This completes the student / school / parent triangle to ensure maximum support is offered to the child and communication with home is maintained at all times. The parent’s level of involvement may vary dependent on circumstances. This could range from daily feedback on progress to group mediation sessions where both parent and child can share thoughts and feelings with a view of improving relationships and understanding when required.

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