Our Approach

Education X takes a strategic, thorough and targeted approach to achieving significant and sustainable improvement to behaviour and learning ethos. Our methodology helps to ensure that staff remain positive, motivated and aligned whilst students understand, accept and respond positively to the changes during periods of development.

Throughout your academy’s progression, Education X provides all of the training, processes, documentation and reference material required to ensure that your academy’s success is built on solid foundations resulting in longterm positive impact.

Education X provides solutions and leads change in a number of areas and ensures that the enhancements made in each area work together cohesively and congruently resulting in a consistently positive and motivational atmosphere for both your staff and learners.

Some of these areas are as follows:

• Behaviour Management Systems and Processes

• Behaviour Inclusion Facilities

• Staff Skill, Mindset and Language

• Data, Focus and Accountability

• Whole school standards and strategies

• Internal Alternative Provision

• Praise, Rewards and Motivation

Here is a visual overview showing the various stages of an improvement plan from initial audit to sustainability and future opportunities.

The process begins with an initial audit which covers all behaviour related factors before developing in to an improvement plan tailored to meet your academy’s objectives.

To see comments from Oftsed demonstrating the impact of Education X when used as part of a rapid improvement plan, click here.

For more information or to check availability please call Ross Ritchie, Behaviour Consultant & Master NLP Practitioner on 07834 78 77 55 or email educationx@me.com.