Personal Development Tools for Learners

Education X was founded in 2005 by Ross Ritchie – Behaviour Specialist and Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). The programme began as a set of personal development tools for learners that were showing signs of disengagement and patterns of negative behaviour in and around the learning environment. The aim of the programme was to equip learners with the awareness, motivation and strategies required to improve their personal well-being, engage successfully in mainstream eduction and reach their full potential. After demonstrating a remarkable impact on the attitude, conduct and performance of numerous students, the programme was then funded by Norfolk County Council as part of a Key Stage 4 Engagement Programme allowing Education X to help hundreds of learners in many schools across Norfolk. After the Key Stage 4 Engagement Programme, Education X continued to grow expanding it’s work into Suffolk and other areas of East Anglia.

“Student X was one of our most disaffected Year 10 boys. Since the beginning of Year 10 his behaviour had worsened and he received numerous fixed term exclusions and was placed on a PSP. Various interventions were employed; alternative provision, mentoring, daily reporting to senior staff, SEN assessment etc. However, nothing appeared to be working and X was spiralling quickly towards permanent exclusion.

As a last ditch attempt, we arranged for X to work with Ross on a weekly basis. After 4 or 5 sessions, I attended a PSP meeting and was shocked to see a dramatic improvement in the reports from X’s teachers. When asked for the reason for this, X was very clear: he now felt he had now learned the strategies to manage the situations he found himself in. When pressed on this, X explained that whilst numerous adults were constantly telling him to behave, they never gave him strategies to do this that worked. Ross was different because he explained strategies that did work and allowed X to stay in control.

This was several months ago now and X has continued his turnaround. We are now very hopeful that X will achieve 5 A-C (EM) at GCSE next year – something that would have been unthinkable before Ross began his work with X.

Thank you, Ross, you have made a huge impact!“

Open Academy – Norwich

Alternative Provision and Intervention

Education X opened two alternative education centres (Norfolk and Suffolk) aimed specifically at students at high risk of permanent exclusion with aim of working closely with schools as part of their behaviour escalation and intervention process. Students were able to complete a PSD qualification and receive one to one mentoring helping them to address their barriers to learning before successfully reengaging with their mainstream education. As Education X expanded and began delivering to larger groups of challenging students, the skill set and behaviour of the Education X tutors became key factors to the success of the provision. The Education X Coaching Standard was developed, a complete tool kit consisting of strategies and techniques designed to ensure that a consistently compelling, enjoyable and high quality learning experience was received by all students that attended. Many of these techniques and approaches were geared towards maximising engagement and preventing confrontational and disruptive behaviour and were strategies that would soon prove invaluable to the mainstream learning environment.

“Some feedback on the impact of Education X… This has been particularly important part of learning for Pupil X, who arrived at the PRU with very low self-esteem and very negative attitude towards learning. The transformation in his approach has been startling. From refusing to engage in English, with your help and encouragement and by using the techniques you have taught him he now has 6 out of 7 pieces of coursework completed to a GCSE grade C or higher.

I’ve also just had a report from Learning Provision A who have been so pleased with Pupil X’s improved attitude and focus since he started at the PRU that they think he’ll be their student of the year! Pupil Y has helped Pupil Z by showing her how to complete a mind map and focus on coursework and they both now have all 7 pieces of coursework completed. Pupils A, B, C and D are also all showing a more positive attitude around the PRU. So many thanks – a fantastic course and your approach to these very troubled young people is so refreshing and effective.

With very best wishes Cath”

Curriculum Enrichment Co-ordinator
Woodside Central PRU

Positive Behaviour and Engagement Training

Interest soon began to grow in the Education X approach to positive behaviour and engagement. Delivering to groups of students who were all at high risk of permanent exclusion meant that disruptive  behaviour was less of an eventuality and more of sure thing. It was for this reason that much of the training was aimed at maximising engagement and preventing negative behaviour rather than simply learning how to respond when negative behaviour occurs. Education X began delivering workshops to teachers both at the Education X Centres and in schools across Norfolk and Suffolk. During discussions in many of the training sessions it was identified that teachers who were able to achieve great behaviour were not necessarily demonstrating an ability to manage negative behaviour consistently and effectively but were more highly skilled at creating an ideal climate for learning where occurrences of disruptive and non-compliant behaviour were very rare due to effective engagement, routines, relationships, communication and leadership. This became the ethos of the Education X Positive Behaviour and Engagement Training.

“I’m just writing to say thank you for the training you provided on Monday. It has truly inspired me to view behaviour and engagement in a new light. I had the most wonderful lesson with my year 8’s today, the ‘climate for learning’ and ‘get it and keep it’ strategies worked a wonders! The pace of the lesson was a lot better and we covered everything that I had planned, with just one warning for legs on the chair! This is definitely something to build on – the atmosphere was much more pleasant and the lesson more productive. And, i’m not dreading the next one!”

Internal Alternative Provision

Many schools expressed a desire to improve their on-site behaviour inclusions facilities and interventions in order to support students with significant behavioural issues and reduce exclusions. The experience and expertise of Education X was commissioned to help schools develop effective on-site provisions and fulfil these objectives. Education X was able to assist schools in building programmes and facilities that would enable learners to receive both the academic and emotional support they required to succeed whilst still maintaining an appreciation of the seriousness of their situation.

“The nature of Ross’s input has ranged from designing and delivering a preventive intervention programme aimed at groups of students that exhibit challenging behaviour in the classroom, one to one intervention work and assisting with the design, setup and management of the school’s Intervention and Inclusion Facility.

Ross is professional, highly skilled and has made a significant impact on the academic performance and personal well-being of many of the young people he has worked with. Ross will prove a great asset to any school wishing to take a fresh look at Intervention and Inclusion with a view of reducing exclusions, improving behaviour and providing learners with the tools they require to reach their potential.

Victoria Musgrave

Executive Head – Abbots Bromley School”

Learning Ethos and

Behaviour Consultancy

Designing and running on-site provision and inclusion facilities lead to becoming integrated with the day to day workings of mainstream education. In internal exclusion units, removal rooms and intervention facilities in numerous schools Education X was well positioned to gather information on how various schools’ processes, practice and behaviours affect the emotions, decision making and behaviour of their learners. Education X progressed naturally into enhancing behaviour management systems, leading whole school strategies and rapid improvement plans in order to create maximum impact on the learning of young people.

Ross Ritchie has been instrumental in our Academy’s transformation.  The impact he had on everyone he encountered on a daily basis was immense.

His no judgement approach makes both staff and students feel supported and valued. Due to his exceptional rapport building and skill-set, students’ attitudes regarding their educational experience revolutionised and staff blossomed in the classroom.

Ross pioneered and implemented a range of whole-school strategies, standards and processes which resulted in significant long-term impact that both our staff and students will continue to benefit from long after his departure.

We were truly privileged to have him with us on a particularly difficult journey.  With Ross on our side, we always managed to stay focused, calm and unwaveringly positive.

Christine Woods – Principal, Ormiston Endeavour Academy

Education X now provides it’s service throughout Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire and Greater London.

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