Finding Emotional Empowerment for Learning

Raised hands in class of middle school..

One thing we know for sure is that children who feel better, learn better.


A less well known fact is that emotional well-being is a learnable skill! The FEEL programme equips and empowers young people with the awareness, tools and strategies required to boost well-being, regulate emotions effectively and become motivated and focused on learning and achievement. 


After over a decade of successfully helping learners to make remarkable transformations in behaviour, emotional well-being and attitudes to learning, the FEEL programme has been adapted to support learners in reacclimatising to the school environment following an extended period of home learning. 


Here’s what learners will do during the FEEL programme.


Learn powerful strategies for mental health and emotional well-being


In each session the children will learn a simple but effective strategy which will help them to increase their self-awareness, boost their emotional well-being and manage / overcome difficult emotions and negative behavioural patterns. These powerful strategies are designed for children and are based on the principles in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Mindfulness. 


Engage in therapeutic reflection


It’s good to talk! Learners have the opportunity to discuss and reflect on any challenging emotions or experiences. Opening up and verbalising is an effective way of gaining perspective, off-loading and increasing self-awareness. Identifying personal challenges in this way also provides context for the application of the well-being strategies they learn. 


Receive coaching and mentoring


The work carried out during the FEEL programme extends beyond the sessions themselves as learners are encouraged to carry out personalised challenges relating to their personal growth and emotional well-being. These challenges may be as simple as trying out a new strategy or simply recording how they feel. In each session the learners are invited to review their experience and receive further coaching.


Track their progress and growth


One of the ways in which the FEEL programme helps learners to build confidence and positive momentum is by identifying and celebrating progress and growth. In each session learners will have the opportunity to score themselves in key areas relating to their emotional well-being and also share and record any personal successes that they experience throughout the programme. 


Learners can expect to achieve significant improvements in the following areas:


  • Confidence, self-esteem and motivation.

  • Focus, concentration and productivity.

  • Ability to regulate emotions and behaviour effectively.

  • Remaining calm and centred during challenging situations.

  • Self awareness / control.

  • Positivity about the future and general emotional well-being. 


The FEEL programme can delivered as a 12 session course for small groups and can also be tailored to provide more focused and direct support for individuals (online or in person).


For more information please contact Ross Ritchie - Master NLP Practitioner:
ph: 07834 787755

email: educationx@me.com