Ross from Education X has been instrumental in our Academy’s transformation. The impact he had on everyone he encountered on a daily basis was immense. His no judgement approach makes both staff and students feel supported and valued. Due to his exceptional rapport building and skill-set, students’ attitudes regarding their educational experience revolutionised and staff blossomed in the classroom. Ross pioneered and implemented a range of whole-school strategies, standards and processes which resulted in significant long-term impact that both our staff and students will continue to benefit from long after his departure.

We were truly privileged to have him with us on a particularly difficult journey. With Ross on our side, we always managed to stay focused, calm and unwaveringly positive.

Christine Woods / Principal / Ormiston Endeavour Academy

Education X were recommended to me by a fellow principal. As a school, we needed to address poor behaviour in and out of classrooms. Working with Education X has enabled us to develop consistency across all classrooms and year teams. We now have clear systems and structures in place, which support both staff and pupils, resulting in a reduction in the number of call outs per lesson and the number of pupils on internal exclusions.


Education X worked with the SLT and encouraged adults to look at their own behaviour and how it was impacting on pupils. Staff now fully understand the need for there to be a positive climate for learning and relationships between staff and pupils are now much more positive. Education X worked with senior staff to put strategies in place to support the most vulnerable as well as the most disaffected pupils to prevent fixed term as well as permanent exclusions.


I cannot recommend Education X highly enough and thank them for their contribution on our journey from serious weaknesses to good.

Michelle Strong / Principal / Caister Academy

Ross from Education X worked with me at Hobart High School to review our existing systems and to lead the development of a new internal exclusion unit. His skills are immense; he understands young people and how to get the best from them, his manner with staff is clear, professional and inclusive.

Ross ran whole staff training for us and the impact was significant. Staff bought into his ideas and over a short period of time I saw people trying new ideas and taking ownership for their role in managing challenging behaviour. Ross’ approach was systematic and allowed for better quality information being available to staff and parents. His level headed approach brought clarity and direction to this area.


The continued success of this work after Ross’ time with us is a testament to his skill and the impact he can have.

Sam Griffin / Principal / St Ivo School

Ross' collaborative approach and skilful experience meant that he was very quickly able to work alongside us to get a true working picture in our school.

His work was twofold; focusing on some key students and their approaches to school, improving their behaviour for learning, and then on a strategic level, working with our staff team and Assistant Head to shape our next steps in our behaviour policy and associated structural changes.

His emphasis on clarity, accountability and consistency has really helped us to move forward our approaches and the impact is already measurable.


We will be asking Ross to come and monitor our journey over the coming months, ensuring there is high impact from his work. I thoroughly recommend Ross and his human holistic approach to school improvement.

Vanessa Whitcombe / Principal / Castle Manor Academy

I first met Ross when I was Principal of Wymondham High Academy an 11-18 coeducational comprehensive Academy convertor of some 1700 youngsters, between 2008 and January 2013.


He made an impression from the moment I met him as someone who could ‘connect’ with people from all walks of life, but most importantly with young people and especially those who have become disaffected, disenchanted or disengaged from a traditional school curriculum. When he first joined the staff of the school it was on a consultancy basis working with specific groups of challenging youngsters and he quickly established not only a first class rapport with them, but also enabled them through his cognitive behaviour therapy strategies to make decisions about their actions which were helpful to their learning.

Over the last 5 years Ross has carried out work for Wymondham High Academy which has been centred around helping disengaged students to improve attitude, confidence, attainment, attendance and behaviour. The nature of Ross's input has ranged from designing and delivering a preventive intervention programme aimed at groups of students that exhibit challenging behaviour in the classroom, one to one intervention work and assisting with the design, setup and management of the school's Intervention and Inclusion Facility (The Portal).

Ross is professional, highly skilled and has made a significant impact on the academic performance and personal well-being of many of the young people he has worked with. Ross will prove a great asset to any school wishing to take a fresh look at Intervention and Inclusion with a view of reducing exclusions, improving behaviour and providing learners with the tools they require to reach their potential.


I would have no hesitation in recommending Ross to you unconditionally. He would be an asset to any organisation.

Victoria Musgrave / Executive Head / Abbots Bromley School